2020 really sucked.

My Mother
My Mothers Tombstone

I am back after a very long pause. Since I found who my mother is, a lot has happened. Unfortunately not anything that really has helped me get any closer to the truth. Because of the events of the last year or so everything has come to a halt. It is now spring 2021 and I feel like the worst is over. I am ready to try again to get more information. I have decided to try a different approach. Hopefully it will get me some better results. But in the meantime here is what has been going on with me over the last year or so.

On March 31, 2020 I officially retired from my job at Dixie Pipeline. The plan was to retire join a health club, play some golf, travel and generally enjoy the rest of my life. Well as you know that all went to hell in a hand basket. My wife and I had been planning a Trip to Italy for over a year and 2020 was the year we were gonna go visit my mothers grave and see some of Italy to fulfill life long dreams for both of us. Needless to say we were bitterly disappointed. But hopefully we will try again maybe next year.

With the pandemic I basically became a hermit self quarantined for about 6 months. Stayed at home read a lot, did crossword puzzles, and when the weather permitted I would take long walks. we are fortunate to have a lot of greenways to walk and be with nature. But once the the heat of summer came with the humidity it became too much so I stopped.

Along with the pandemic there was a lot of other problems with the country in 2020. I started to feel restless like I needed to do something to contribute my time to. I decided to work as an election official in my county. I am so glad I did that. It proved to be a very rewarding experience and very educational. It was a lot of work what with early voting and the General Election. I was left with a sense of accomplishment and pride in our election system. So when the election was over and it was apparent who the winner was. I was very upset with the claims of voter fraud and stealing of the election. Being an immigrant who is a naturalized citizen of this country. Who served in the military during the Vietnam war. I have a lot of pride and love for this country. What happened in this country between election day and inauguration day sickened me. I was ashamed for my country. During the events of January 6th I wept as I watched a Traitor to his country and his oath of office incite a mob to attack congress. So much harm was done to this country in the four years he was in office. The fear of watching this country become a fascist state was coming true right before my eyes. I hope the new man can right the ship. Although I am no fan of him either. I consider myself a fiscal conservative and was a republican for most of my life. But no more.

On a lighter note, when the restrictions were eased a few months ago. I was finally able to join a health club. So I have been doing a lot of physical activities. Yoga, pilates, treadmill, eliptical, circuit training and swimming. So my retirement plan is finally starting to come together. With the restrictions lifted I am able to see my grandkids and hug them again. We got our vaccines two months ago so we are supposedly safe to rejoin society again.

The only other news is that we have decided to sell our house and move into a 55+ community. We got a really good price for our house and sold it to a couple in New York who are going to use it for rental property. So we are renting our old house while we wait for our new home to be built. As of now the new house is scheduled for completion in September. i hope to be a little more active and continue this blog with updates and random thoughts and stories from my life and times.

4 thoughts on “2020 really sucked.

  1. I attended St. Cecilia’s and randomly thought of you recently. Your writings came up when I entered your name, and they’re beautifully written and very moving. If only we understood or knew you were struggling, maybe we could have made your transition easier. My memories of you were of a sweet, shy boy.


      1. I was in your grade and so glad that you responded. Please keep posting. As I said earlier, you write beautifully and it may lead you to lost family members.


  2. Dear Susan.

    I received your lovely note. It made my day. Yes you got the address right. You’re right my mother didn’t know italian. She probably showed it to my dad and he told her that. I never knew about it mainly because at the time we were not communicating. Our relationship was strained at best. If you want to keep communicating my email is tonyrmn@yahoo.com.


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